Lower Prices on our famous ‘sensory’ spot UV business cards

Everyone loves our sensory spot UV business cards but price-wise they’ve been out of reach for some. So now we’ve slashed prices so everyone can afford to benefit from this fabulous tactile effect.

Not to be confused with ‘ordinary’ spot UV, our sensory spot UV offers higher gloss values but more importantly is applied much thicker so adds a unique tactile texture which is hard to resist touching –

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Test your spot UV design using our new ‘test sheet’ service

Sensory Spot UV (otherwise known as ‘extra thick spot UV’ or ‘raised spot UV’) is taking the marketing world by storm. Marketers love it because it captures consumers’ imagination and adds value to otherwise uninspiring print by adding a new, tactile dimension that quite literally makes print stand out.

For designers,

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NEW Perfect Bound Book Spine Calculator

We’ve just launched a handy new tool for accurately calculating what thickness you’ll need to allow for the spine on your perfect bound books.

All you need to do is select the cover material, the material you’re using for the pages and the total number of pages and the tool uses the correct paper thickness to accurately calculate the spine.

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