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Do I qualify as trade client?

At Flexpress, we love talking print terminology, so if you don’t know that A4 is half the size of A3, couldn’t explain the difference  between CMYK, PMS and RGB or think that Spot UV is a sun cream, we probably aren’t the right company for you.

If, however, you’re in a business that has a regular and significant requirement for printed products, who has the means to confidently and accurately prepare and upload ready-to-print PDF files, and who understands basic print processes and terminology, then by signing up here you can have instant access to online pricing and ordering from Flexpress: one of the most versatile, and professional, online trade printing companies in the UK. 

And once you’ve signed up, here are our promises to you.

  • If you are a print reseller, we won’t ever approach your customers or make any attempt to contact them.
  • We won’t use samples of your jobs for promotional purposes such as on our website or printed publicity materials without your written permission.
  • We won’t ever reveal, without asking your express permission, that you are our customer.
  • All goods supplied will be delivered in plain, unbranded packaging with no reference to us.
  • If we are delivering a job ourselves, it will be in an unbranded delivery vehicle by non-uniformed staff.
  • If, due to unforeseen circumstances (such as a machine breakdown) we are unable to dispatch your job on time, we will ensure you are forewarned and do our best to make amends.
  • We won’t sacrifice service or product quality merely to be the cheapest, or cut corners just to be the fastest. In our experience it’s always better to do the job well and once.
  • We’ll never knowingly print a file containing errors. In fact we check every file for at least ten of the most common file preparation errors and will always notify you if we find something amiss.
  • If we feel your job will turn out anything less than perfect, we’ll always forewarn you and give you the opportunity to make changes.
  • We only use first grade, current materials, never any clearance or sub-standard lines so you can rely on consistent quality each and every time you order.
  • On the rare occasion you, or your client have reason to complain, we will endeavour to resolve any issue as quickly and professionally as possible.


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Thank you the handbook was excellent. A top class job and we are all happy

Robert Bryce,
March 2017

Thanks for delivering the Publications Catalogue so promptly – they look great too.

Carol Mackerness,
April 2019

Just wanted to place on record for the quick turnaround and quality of the Orders of service.

Chris Jackson,
April 2017

We have received the songbook and we are delighted with both the printing and the service. Thank you very much. I shall mention your company on Facebook today.

Vivien Richardson,
19th December 2016

Just wanted to say many thanks again for the continued good service this year.

Jeremy Naylor,
1st December 2016

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