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    Firstly well done on another excellent QN magazine.
    Print quality and make up is superb. Good feedback already.
    All logistics professionally sorted!

    David Calow,
    February 2021

    I wanted to give you a big thank you for delivering the Twist frame so quickly. From the time I sent the first email to the afternoon you set it up took less than 5 working days. Amazing turnaround and outstanding service as always. I've received excellent feedback from our Product Manager and MD, it looks great.

    Maryline Kennedy,
    17th November 2016

    The Diagnostic Atlas job arrive to day, I just wanted to say that Richard was delighted and thought it was a great job!! There is going to be another similar one shortly (not sure when) and we will definitely use Flexpress for that one as well!

    Janet Bassett,
    27th January 2017

    Wanted to thank you all for your help this year with my print requirements - Flexpress really are terrific printers!

    Emma Swales,
    15th December 2016

    Just wanted to thank you for turning around the co-op leaflets so quickly especially given the unsatisfactory artwork that I first forwarded. This is greatly appreciated.

    Gavin George,
    16th November 2016

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