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Presentation Folders - Glued

4.8 - based on 10,000 + successful jobs
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression so make your presentations count with our premium quality glued presentation folders with pockets
  • Features a fully finished glued pocket
  • Folded and assembled, ready for use
  • Available with up to 10mm capacity
  • Coated and uncoated 350gsm board options
  • Choice of optional laminates
  • Available with luxury embellishments
  • With or without business card slots
Express, next working day dispatch option
FREE downloadable templates
FREE 10 point file-check
FREE Time Slot Delivery
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Presentation Folders - Glued - More Info


Our range of glued presentation folders arrive fully finished, ready to use and offer a sleek professional finish without the need to invest in an expensive cutting form. Choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates up to 10mm capacity (2 x 5mm pockets) and if you're not sure which you need, simply ask us for free samples.


Whether or not you request a proof, all supplied artwork files undertake our rigorous 10 point file check to ensure your printed job turns out exactly as you intend. Using sophisticated software, files are automatically checked and imposed ready for printing in the most effective way to minimise waste. Every job is printed to ISO colour standards to ensure colour accuracy and consistency.


We offer a range of styles, all available to download as templates below, in your favourite file format. 


Choose from silk or uncoated board - and like with every material we use at Flexpress both are first grade, environmentally responsible materials.

High Definition Printing

Every job at Flexpress is printed using the finest technology available. You wont receive any products printed on beefed-up photocopiers from us - another reason we back everything with our total satisfaction guarantee. Pocket Folders are printed either lithographically using LED UV inks or using HP Indigo offset which is arguably the finest digital technology available.

Precision Finishing

Whichever template you choose, your pocket folders will be cut out and creased using a Heidelberg Cylinder Machine; still regarded as the most effective way to cut and crease at this size.

Glued folders will arrive fully assembled and finished.  Please be aware that capacity folders take up a considerable amount of space when fully assembled.

Please note: when folded, fibre-cracking along the crease of the board is a natural characteristic which becomes ever more apparent when heavy ink coverage and dark colours are present. The cutting forms we use utilise traditional matrix type creasing rules which helps to minimise cracking but it's unrealistic to guarantee that this will eliminate the issue completely; especially when the folder has been opened and closed a few times. We would always recommend laminating the outer of the folder if this is likely to be a cause of concern; particularly if heavy ink solids have been used. Unless laminating is specified Flexpress are unable to take any responsibility for fibre-cracking, which is ultimately a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Luxury Embellishing

All of our folder range now has the option to add our delicious raised gloss spot UV and metallic foiled effects for a supreme quality look and feel.

Dispatch time (up to 1000 Quantity)

For orders of folders below 1000 in quantity, dispatch times are as follows:

  • Express - Next working day*
  • Standard - Two working days*
  • Saver - Three working days*

Dispatch time (Over 1000 Quantity)

For orders over a quantity of 1000, usual dispatch times are:

  • Express - Two working days*
  • Standard - Three working days*
  • Saver - Four working days*

*If ordered before 2pm. Allow one extra day if ordered after 2pm.

To ensure our printed work arrives in the best possible conditions, goods are packaged up to to a maximum of 15Kg per box, in extra strong double-walled corrugated boxes and taped with reinforced tape.

All orders are dispatched using reputable national carriers on a next working day service. This will usually arrive by 5pm although please be aware once goods have left our premises we have no influence on when they are delivered. If you would like to upgrade to a AM or Saturday delivery, you can do this at checkout for an additional cost.

We take quality and customer service very seriously. Our right-first-time approach coupled with cutting edge technology and professional team mean we're confident enough to offer a total satisfaction guarantee. If through any fault of ours, there's an issue with your printing, we'll always arrive at a solution to leave you 100% happy.

FAQs - Presentation Folders - Glued

Why has the printing cracked down the spine of the folder?

Fibre-cracking on folds is a natural characteristic of paper and board and is more noticeable where heavy ink coverage is intended to go over the spine. Flexpress use a creasing rule and matrix counter force, which is universally recognised as the the best method of creasing folders, to dramatically reduce the effect of fibre-cracking. However it is impossible to eliminate completely without laminating so if you feel this may be an issue with your design please ensure you select a laminated finish as Flexpress can't be held responsible for fibre-cracking when laminating is not chosen. 

Will the glue work as well on laminated surfaces?

The glue forms an equally strong bond whichever type of laminate you choose.

How do glued folders come packed?

Glued presentation folders are fully assembled and packed in slightly over size A4 double-walled boxes. Bear in mind that a double pocket capacity folder is 10mm wide so we only get about 20 in a box. This equates to 50 boxes for 1000 folders so you'll need some space to store them!

How many sheets of paper will a non-capacity interlocking folder hold?

A non-capacity folder can comfortably take at least 15 sheets of typical 80gsm bond. Non-capacity simply means there isn't a gusset so there is a point at which the folder won't close comfortably if there are two many inserts. If in doubt, ask for a sample.

Why are they only available in 350gsm material?

We make hundreds of thousands of folders each year and experience has taught us that 350gsm material offers the best all-round performance in terms of strength and flexibility. Go thinner and the folders are not as strong as they could be and thicker and the folders tend to be too 'springy'

Can I use my own design?

If it's a folder design you use regularly, we can set it up as a 'private' product so only you can access it by logging in to our website. If however, it's a design that will only be used once or twice, talk to our bespoke quoting team for a custom quote.

Will you use my existing cutting form?

It's doubtful we'll be able to use your cutting form. Most folders are designed to be assembled by hand and have the glue tab on the pocket. Our cutting forms are all designed with the tab on the body of the folder as opposed to the pocket to suit mechanical assembly. In addition our cutting forms are all designed at a specific size and cutting depth to speed up job changeovers.

Will your oversize A4 folders still fit into a standard envelope?

Our non-capacity and 5mm capacity over size folders will both fit into a standard C4 envelope. Our double pocket capacity folders which hold 10mm capacity, wont.

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Supplied Artwork Specifications – Glued Folders

The Basics

All document folder artwork should be supplied to us using the correct template that has been ordered. For example, if an order has come through with the 'GA' template selected on the order requisition, then the artwork must be made using the GA template.  

Please also ensure that the folder template is left on the artwork, however please ensure it is in it's own spot colour called 'Cutter', and that it is set to overprint.

All folders should also have the correct amount of pages within the file. If you are ordering a folder that is full colour printed to the inside and the outside, then the supplied file must have two pages on the PDF. Likewise, if you are ordering a single sided folder, then the file should only have 1 page on.


Artwork Templates

Please select a template from the options below. Templates are available in Adobe InDesign, Adobe PDF and Adobe Illustrator formats.

Template ref: GA
Finished Size: A4+ (216mm x 305mm)
Flat Size: 451.5mm x 383mm
Template ref: GB
Finished Size: A4+ (216mm x 305mm)
Recommended Bleed: 451.5mm x 383mm
Template ref: GG
Finished Size: A4+ (216mm x 305mm)
Flat Size: 461.5mm x 388mm
Template ref: GH
Finished Size: A4+ (216mm x 305mm)
Recommended Bleed: 461.5mm x 388mm
Template ref: GD
Finished Size: A4+ (216mm x 305mm)
Flat Size: 471.5mm x 383mm
Template ref: GE
Finished Size: A4+ (216mm x 305mm)
Recommended Bleed: 471.5mm x 383mm
Template ref: GJ
Finished Size: A4+ (216mm x 305mm)
Flat Size: 481.5mm x 383mm
Template ref: GK
Finished Size: A4+ (216mm x 305mm)
Recommended Bleed: 481.5mm x 383mm

Technical Specifications

For an excellent job, that's right first time...

Please ensure all artwork is created in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). When creating artwork for print, it's important to use CMYK because it's specifically designed to work with the four color inks used in the printing process (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). If you use RGB (which is best for digital displays), the printed result may not match what you see on the screen. Therefore, designing artwork in CMYK ensures that the final printed product looks just as you intended.

All Presentation Folder artwork must be supplied with 3mm bleed, and a safe zone of at least 10mm. Please avoid placing thin borders, text or important images within this safe zone.

It's important to ensure any white text is set to knock-out, and not overprint, as this will result in the white text not appearing on the finished job.

For the best results, Flexpress would always recommend using Adobe InDesign, or Adobe Illustrator to create your artwork. With the best option to download one of our FREE artwork templates (as above) and using that as your starting point.

All raster images must be 300 dpi to ensure your printed image is clear and sharp on your finished job.

When exporting your PDF files, please ensure you select ‘Press Quality' in the output settings to ensure all resolution settings and colour settings are all saved within the final PDF gets submitted to Flexpress. Please also ensure you are also exporting with 3mm bleed and crop marks. For more detail on how to export your artwork, please watch the instructional video as above.

Adding Spot UV or Foil printing?

Please ensure any embellishment effects are supplied on a separate page within the PDF file you provide. Embellishment should be supplied as either a solid colour called ‘Spot UV', or ‘Foil', or as 100% black. Please watch the instructional youtube video below for more information on how to supply us with print-ready embellishment artwork.

Do you want different depth levels of Spot UV on the same piece of print? This is now possible with our Duplo Dusense 8000. For a high build Spot UV (80-40micron) we would recommend setting your artwork to 100% black, and for a lesser build (flatter) Spot UV (around 15-30 micron) we would recommend setting your artwork to 50% black.

Need more help setting up your Spot UV or Foiling file? No problem, just Contact Us and we would be happy to help!

File Check

All files supplied go through our 10 point file check


We use only high quality, responsibly sourced papers


Express, Standard or Saver dispatch options available


Completely FREE delivery to all mainland UK addresses