Frequently Asked Questions


Q I want to collect, can I get a discount?
A Unfortunately not. Delivery is free for clients who order online so if we were to offer a discount for collection, in reality, delivery wouldn't be free.
Q How long do goods take to arrive after they've been dispatched?
A Usually we send all orders by APC on an overnight next day service so goods will be dispatched on one working day and arrive the next usually by 5pm.
Q Do you deliver everywhere in the UK?
A Free delivery only covers Mainland England, Wales and the less remote parts of Scotland. We can deliver anywhere else but you'll need to ask us for a custom quotation.
Q Can I send to multiple delivery addresses?
A Yes. You'll have the option to split the ordered quantity over as many delivery addresses as you need when you place your order. Please be aware each extra delivery will cost an additional £6.50.
Q Can I have the goods delivered to somewhere other than my invoice address?
A Yes. You can add multiple addresses to the address book in your account and have the goods delivered to any one or even several of them.
Q My goods have arrived damaged. What do I do?
A All goods leave Flexpress in perfect condition so the likelihood is they've been damaged in transit. It's imperative that you take photographic evidence of both the goods and the damaged packaging as we will need this evidence to lodge a claim with the carrier. Any accompanying paperwork must be marked 'Arrived Damaged' - this will prove the damage didn't occur whilst under your supervision. As long as we are able to claim against our carrier, we are happy to replace damaged goods. Without this evidence no claim can be considered.
Q Can I have an AM delivery?
A You can select to upgrade your delivery to AM or pre-10am when you place your order. Please be aware there is an additional cost for upgrading the delivery.


Q I've placed my order in the time stated but asked for a proof. Will this affect the deadline?
A The countdown clock shows the time artwork needs to be fully approved by. If your artwork is not approved by the time stated the job is highly likely to be delayed as we are unable to start the production cycle on time.
Q Can I re-order the same goods without sending new artwork?
A In order to avoid potentially printing the wrong file, we ask that you submit new artwork for each order.
Q I'm not completely confident with my files. Do you check them?
A We do check files for common printing issues and will notify you if anything is not right. We don't check supplied files for spelling or grammar. It is in your interest to accurately prepare the file as any problems will inevitably cause delays and we won't be held responsible for printing problems caused by incorrectly prepared artwork.
Q I think I've sent you the wrong file. What should I do?
A You are able to delete and submit new artwork through the website until the job status is marked as 'In Production'. If the job status is in production you must contact us immediately on 0116 2676269 so we can stop any further progress on the job. You will be liable to pay for any work already completed at this stage. Please DON'T email us as the job could have been put into progress by the time your email is read.
Q Why have you rejected my artwork?
A We try to anticipate any issues that may cause us production delays and quality problems. These can include such things as heavy solid ink coverage with reversed out tints or fine text, landscape booklets with hairline matches split over page spreads or jobs with borders too close to the edge of the page. If you are in any doubt, please contact us beforehand.


Q Are turnaround times guaranteed?
A Goods are usually dispatched in the time stated however, sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control such as a critical machine breakdown or production issues caused by quality issues on particularly difficult jobs delays can happen. In this instance, we would always contact you to discuss possible options.
Once the job has left our premises we have no control over the delivery so will not be held responsible for orders not arriving on time.
Please be aware that any deadline assumes we have 'approved' artwork by the time stated. If you request a proof copy and don't approve it by the latest time stated, it will affect the final deadline.
Q Can I send you something to match to?
A Flexpress go to great lengths to ensure the colours in your printed job match the colours in your file. To do this, we use a universal standard called ISO12647-2 which is recognised as the very best way to ensure colour accuracy and consistency. We can't guarantee to match jobs which don't meet these standards which could include any previously printed sample. Please be aware that laminated samples; in particular, are impossible to match as the laminate has a tendency to alter the printed colours.
Q What if I'm not happy with the product?
A Every product is covered by our total satisfaction guarantee which states that In the event the quality of product or service is sub-standard through any fault of ours, we'll reprint or refund - no questions asked. Some issues such as colour matching across different printing processes and materials, paper fibre cracking due to folding, ink coverage and grain direction and cases where small percentages of jobs may be substandard may not be covered by this guarantee but we will always work with you to arrive at a sensible conclusion. Please ensure you email your query/complaint to within 7 days of receipt of your order.
Q Do you do any other quantities than those stated?
A We can produce much higher quantities of any required product but can't always work to the same rapid deadlines. Please ask us for a custom quote.
Q I've seen cheaper prices, can you match them?
A We won't compromise our standards merely to be the cheapest. Our prices represent excellent value based on the level of attention to detail we provide, the quality of work we produce and the level of service we offer.
Q How come some products don't have VAT added?
A Certain printed items are VAT zero rated. In general these would include books, booklets, brochures, price lists and leaflets. The VAT rules are complex; for example certain leaflets can be VAT standard rated. If we feel there is an issue, we will notify you once we have examined your artwork, otherwise assume the price is correct.
Q Is your printing done on site, here in the UK?
A Many low-cost printing companies are not forthcoming about the fact they're based overseas; which often causes delivery issues and makes communication difficult. Increasingly, web-based 'printing hubs' don't print anything themselves and rely on a network of printers producing print on their behalf. At Flexpress, all of our work is printed and finished in-house by us, here in the UK keeping British people in jobs and making us very easy to deal with.
Q Do you do any custom products not featured on your website?
A We undertake lots of incredibly complicated custom work which is often difficult to source online or locally. Please contact us with your requirements or use our custom quote form.
Q I've made an error with my order. Who do I speak to?
A Please call us immediately on 0116 2676269 so we can put a hold on your order. Please DON'T email us as the job could have been put into progress by the time we read your email. We usually make a £5 administration charge to cover the cost of making changes to orders.
Q Can I cancel my order?
A Of course when circumstances dictate you're quite entitled to cancel your order at any time but whether there is any charge for this will depend on what work, if any, has been done. Any charges will always be a fair reflection of our true costs.
Q Why don't you gang jobs together or print in batches?
A Clearly printing multiple similar jobs on one sheet offers economies of scale but it severely limits choice of materials, or deadlines and means every job on the same sheet has to be run to 'average' settings. At Flexpress we believe that whilst this suits some circumstances, there are others where compromise of versatility, quality or service just for the sake of cheap prices is a step too far so Flexpress NEVER gang or batch jobs - even business cards.


Q Can I open a monthly trading account?
A We know that trade clients often have to wait to get paid by their own customers so providing you have a regular requirement for print and spend over £500 per year you are welcome to apply for a monthly trading account. If your application is successful, we can activate a feature that will enable you to charge online orders to your account rather than have to pay immediately.

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We have received the songbook and we are delighted with both the printing and the service. Thank you very much. I shall mention your company on Facebook today.

Vivien Richardson,
19th December 2016

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for all your help getting our panels sorted for the Pub17 show. I've been very impressed with the design and I wouldn't hesitate to use Flexpress again in the future.

Alec Vjestica,
17th January 2017

Just wanted to say many thanks again for the continued good service this year.

Jeremy Naylor,
1st December 2016

Thanks for delivering the Publications Catalogue so promptly – they look great too.

Carol Mackerness,
April 2019

The Diagnostic Atlas job arrive to day, I just wanted to say that Richard was delighted and thought it was a great job!! There is going to be another similar one shortly (not sure when) and we will definitely use Flexpress for that one as well!

Janet Bassett,
27th January 2017

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