Flexpress Folders

We’ve got plenty of cutting formes in our locker and there’s a selection of our folder templates below. Many of these existing formes have capacity (allowing more inserts to be added to the folder) and some don’t. In general, non capacity folders will hold approximately 7-8 sheets of paper, but this is of course dependent on the weight of the paper used for the inserts. You can click on the thumbnail to see an image of the forme.

Interlocking folders are printed, cut and creased and delivered to you flat. This makes storage much easier as they take up less room. You will, however need to make up your folders as you use them. This is as simple as slotting one piece of card into another.

Glued folders are printed, cut and creased and made up by us. Capacity folders can be quite bulky and you will need to think about storage.

Also, the majority of these folder cutting formes show slots for standard 85mm x 55mm business cards. Where these are shown, they can be removed if not required. If they are not shown on the drawing, they cannot be added to that template.

If you wish to download one of these formes for your Flexpress Folder project, click the Download link underneath the relevant image. The downloaded zip file contains an AI file and a PDF. Folders marked as A4 or A5 are oversized to take inserts of standard A4 and A5 pages.

A4 Non Capacity Folders with Glued Pocket

 A4 Capacity Folders With Glued Pocket

A4 Non Capacity Folder with Interlocking Pocket

A4 Capacity Folder with Interlocking Pocket

A4 Folder with pocket – Pocket is not glued or interlocking

A5 Capacity Folder

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We have received the songbook and we are delighted with both the printing and the service. Thank you very much. I shall mention your company on Facebook today.

Vivien Richardson,
19th December 2016

Wanted to thank you all for your help this year with my print requirements - Flexpress really are terrific printers!

Emma Swales,
15th December 2016

Just wanted to thank you for turning around the co-op leaflets so quickly especially given the unsatisfactory artwork that I first forwarded. This is greatly appreciated.

Gavin George,
16th November 2016

Just wanted to say many thanks again for the continued good service this year.

Jeremy Naylor,
1st December 2016

The Diagnostic Atlas job arrive to day, I just wanted to say that Richard was delighted and thought it was a great job!! There is going to be another similar one shortly (not sure when) and we will definitely use Flexpress for that one as well!

Janet Bassett,
27th January 2017