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Regular Business Cards

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The only thing 'regular' about our regular business cards is the shape! Even our cheapest cards are top quality meaning that by choosing Flexpress, you'll always make a positive impression.

  • From just £9.95 delivered!
  • 6 sizes to suit your exact needs
  • 400gsm coated or uncoated board
  • Widest choice of luxury finishes
  • Multiple name options
  • No ganging together, so no waiting
Express, next working day dispatch option
FREE downloadable templates
FREE comprehensive file-check
FREE Time Slot Delivery
Round Cornering
Choose to have all four corners of your business cards round cornered with a 3.5mm radial corner.
Spot UV Gloss
Foil Printing
Foil Colour
Change this option if you need to order more than one type. Enter the quantity required for EACH type - NOT a total quantity.
Proof Copy
Dispatch Time
The countdown timer displays the actual date this specification could be dispatched. Change this option if you need it faster or cheaper.
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File Copies
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Regular Business Cards - More Info


Flexpress offer a stunning range of high quality business cards, all printed on our HP Indigo press using CMY and K, at the most competitive prices in the country. We have one of the most sophisticated online pricing tools available meaning you can choose the exact specification you want; even if that includes foil printing and spot UV gloss on one side and just spot UV gloss on the other.


Whether or not you request a proof, all supplied artwork files undertake our rigorous 10 point file check free of charge to ensure your printed job turns out exactly as you intend. Files are automatically imposed ready for printing in the most effective way to minimise waste. 


Choose from substantial 400gsm premium, environmentally friendly 'A' grade, triple coated board, or a high quality, bulky, smooth uncoated board with a high brightness. We don't use inferior 'pulp' grade boards. Both of our business cards boards are fully HP Indigo approved, offer excellent properties for colour reproduction and holds fine detail well.

High Definition Printing

All our business cards are printed individually using HP Indigo digital offset technology. You won't receive any products printed on beefed-up photocopiers from us - another reason we back everything with our total satisfaction guarantee - but you won't need it, because the quality is stunning.


Laminating adds an extremely thin protective layer of plastic film to the surface of the card giving it a compelling texture whilst adding durability. Choose from a high-gloss laminate, a deliciously silky smooth matt laminate or the velvety peach-like texture of luxurious soft-touch laminate. 


Nobody does embellishment better than Flexpress. We are the only trade printer to use the latest Dusense 8000 in the UK, enabling us to produce luxury spot UV gloss and metallic foiled effects with fine detail at incredibly economical prices. Unlike most, we use a cold foiling process meaning no need to laminate coated board prior to embellishment.

Precision Finishing

All of our business cards are cut using our Duplo DC20K automated cutting machine - accurate to just 0.2mm. This eliminates 'push-out' caused by guillotines and ensures cards with tight borders are cut as accurately as physically possible. It also means we can quickly change between most common sizes. All our cards are packed in eco-friendly, recyclable card boxes in quantities of 50, 125, 250 or 500.

Dispatch time (any quantity)

  • Express - Dispatched next working day*
  • Standard - Dispatched in 2 working days*
  • Saver - Dispatched in 3 working days*

*If ordered before 4pm. Allow one extra day if ordered after 4pm.

All orders, even small orders, are dispatched by reputable national carriers on a next working day service and will require a signature on delivery. This will usually arrive by 5pm although please be aware once goods have left our premises we have no influence over when they are actually delivered. You can upgrade to AM or Saturday delivery for an additional cost during the checkout process.

File Copies

By selecting this option, the quantity of file copies requested will be packaged and dispatched to you separately to the rest of the order. They will be sent to your main address, by Royal Mail 1st Class, irrespective of where the remainder of the order is being sent. If you do not require this service and are happy to receive file copies as part of the main order simply add the quantity you require to the order and then separate them yourself on receipt.

UK company with a time-tested and reliable track record

Flexpress started our journey back in 1989. We are UK based keeping UK citizens in jobs. Everything we offer is printed and finished in-house by us as at our modern, centrally based premises in Leics. We're proud of our facility and welcome visitors at any time.

Your satisfaction guaranteed

We take quality and customer service very seriously. Our right-first-time approach coupled with cutting edge technology and professional, easy to reach team mean we're confident enough to offer a total satisfaction guarantee. If through any fault of ours, there's an issue with your printing, we'll always arrive at a solution to leave you 100% happy.

FAQs - Regular Business Cards

What's best for business cards 350gsm, 400gsm or 450gsm?

Flexpress only offer a 400gsm board because it offers the perfect compromise between a 450gsm board that many see as too rigid and a 350gsm board that can be seen as flimsy and cheap. Offering just one board thickness helps us keep costs down, avoid errors and improves turnaround times.

What is laminating?

Laminating is the application of an extremely thin layer of plastic over the surface of the card which serves to both protect the print and add a luxurious feel to the surface of the board. Laminating protects the card and adds to it's longevity which, considering you really want people to keep your card, is no bad thing.

How thick is the laminate?

Each different type of laminate varies slightly from just 24 microns thick (0.024mm) for gloss laminate to 50 microns (0.05mm) for our linen embossed laminate. Even the thickest laminate doesn't noticeably add a difference to the thickness of the card.

Can you write onto a laminated card?

Lamination doesn't accept normal writing ink well. Ideally you'd use a permanent marker. If you're looking for a card you can write on, choose our unlaminated cards, or only choose lamination to one side of the card (the side that doesn't need writing on!).

Is laminating suitable for membership cards?

Membership cards are generally plastic 'encapsulated', as opposed to laminated. Encapsulating seals the card within a solid plastic border and encapsulation film is generally much thicker than laminating film. There is nothing stopping you using a laminated card for a membership card but encapsulation is probably a better solution.

What's the best board to use for business cards?

Some people feel 450gsm is too thick and some people feel 350gsm is too thin, so we recommend 400gsm board which nobody seems to complain about!

What are the most popular laminated finishes and why?

Matt laminate is by far the most popular.  It offers extremely good value as a decent balance between protection, tactility and price. Secondly soft-touch laminate which, whilst considerably more expensive offers a luxurious velvety feel that's hard to resist feeling. Some people like a glossy effect, but right now, it tends to be only a small percentage of the cards we produce.

Is there any such thing as a plastic laminate that can be recycled?

A new starch-based laminate is available, but quite simply it isn't as good and still takes almost as long to break down in landfill. Using traditional laminate is the way to ensure your card looks great and is therefore likely to be kept for longer! Flexpress research what we offer carefully and won't offer you anything that's less than it seems, but rest assured, as soon as a worthwhile option becomes commercially available, you'll definitely find it here.

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Supplied Artwork Specifications – Business Cards

The Basics

All business card artwork must be supplied in the correct format that has been ordered. For example, if the order has been placed at 85mm x 55mm, the trim box on the supplied file should be set at 85mm x 55mm.

The artwork must be supplied with the correct amount of pages per PDF. For example, a single-sided business card order (Full colour printing to one side) must only have 1 page within the supplied PDF. A double-sided business card (Full colour printing to both sides) must have only 2 pages within the PDF.

For orders with multiple versions, please provide 1 PDF file per version. As an example, the supplied artwork for an order of 1500 double-sided business cards, split equally across 6 versions (250 of each version), should be 6 PDF files, each with 2 pages in the PDF.


Artwork Templates

Please select a template from the options below. Templates are available in Adobe InDesign, Adobe PDF and Adobe Illustrator formats.

Template ref: Landscape Business Card Template
Finished Size: 85mm x 55mm
Recommended Bleed: 3mm
Template ref: Portrait Business Card Template
Finished Size: 55mm x 85mm
Recommended Bleed: 3mm

Technical Specifications

For an excellent job, that's right first time...

Please ensure all artwork is created in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). When creating artwork for print, it's important to use CMYK because it's specifically designed to work with the four color inks used in the printing process (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). If you use RGB (which is best for digital displays), the printed result may not match what you see on the screen. Therefore, designing artwork in CMYK ensures that the final printed product looks just as you intended.

All Business Card artwork must be supplied with 3mm bleed, and a safe zone of at least 5mm. Please avoid placing thin borders, text or important images within this safe zone.

It's important to ensure any white text is set to knock-out, and not overprint, as this will result in the white text not appearing on the finished job.

For the best results, Flexpress would always recommend using Adobe InDesign, or Adobe Illustrator to create your artwork. With the best option to download one of our FREE artwork templates (as above) and using that as your starting point. However, please remember to remove the artwork template when supplying the artwork to us.

All raster images must be 300 dpi to ensure your printed image is clear and sharp on your finished job.

When exporting your PDF files, please ensure you select ‘Press Quality' in the output settings to ensure all resolution settings and colour settings are all saved within the final PDF gets submitted to Flexpress. Please also ensure you are also exporting with 3mm bleed and crop marks. For more detail on how to export your artwork, please watch the instructional video as above.

Adding Spot UV or Foil printing?

Please ensure any embellishment effects are supplied on a separate page within the PDF file you provide. Embellishment should be supplied as either a solid colour called ‘Spot UV', or ‘Foil', or as 100% black. Please watch the instructional youtube video below for more information on how to supply us with print-ready embellishment artwork.

Do you want different depth levels of Spot UV on the same piece of print? This is now possible with our Duplo Dusense 8000. For a high build Spot UV (80-40micron) we would recommend setting your artwork to 100% black, and for a lesser build (flatter) Spot UV (around 15-30 micron) we would recommend setting your artwork to 50% black.

Need more help setting up your Spot UV or Foiling file? No problem, just Contact Us and we would be happy to help!

File Check

All files supplied go through our 10 point file check


We use only high quality, responsibly sourced papers


Express, Standard or Saver dispatch options available


Completely FREE delivery to all mainland UK addresses