Business Cards in the Modern Marketing Mix

Business Cards in the Modern Marketing Mix

In an age where digital marketing strategies dominate, the personal touch in networking often gets overshadowed. Yet, there remains one traditional tool that refuses to go out of style and continues to hold significant value in professional exchanges: the business card.

Despite the rise of digital communication, business cards offer a tangible, personal element that digital means cannot replicate. Let’s explore the enduring appeal of business cards, and showcase their importance as a marketing tool.

Business cards are more than just pieces of paper with contact information; they are a reflection of an individual’s professional identity and creativity. As we explore the various styles such as folded cards, and luxurious touches like raised spot UV and raised foil, we also consider the impact of different laminates like gloss, matte, and soft touch, which can transform the basic card into a powerful networking tool. Additionally, we’ll discuss the unique charm of uncoated business cards, ideal for those who prefer a minimalist or eco-friendly approach. Let’s unpack why business cards remain an essential part of modern marketing arsenals and how they can be optimised for maximum impact.

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The Importance of Business Cards in Modern Marketing

Business cards hold an unmatched power in creating opportunities for personal connections and tangible reminders of encounters in professional settings. They act as a physical symbol of your brand, which can be seen, touched, and felt, making a more memorable impression than a digital contact exchange. In fact, studies show that for every 2,000 business cards handed out, a company’s sales increase by an average of 2.5% (source), demonstrating a direct benefit to face-to-face networking efforts.

The tactile experience of receiving a business card can significantly influence perceptions. The quality of the paper, the precision of the print, and the design all contribute to how the recipient perceives the giver. This sensory interaction helps cement the giver’s details in the recipient’s memory, making it more likely that they will recall this contact when a need arises.

Moreover, business cards facilitate a seamless initiation of professional relationships. In scenarios ranging from industry conferences to casual meet-ups, a quick exchange of business cards can effectively establish a future contact point without the awkwardness of asking for digital details. This ease of exchange, coupled with the card’s physical reminder, can lead to more follow-ups and potential business opportunities.

Key Takeaway: 

Physical business cards create memorable sensory experiences that help cement professional interactions and enhance brand perception.

Exploring Styles of Business Cards

Business cards come in a whole range of styles, each offering unique benefits and suiting various professional personas and business needs. Understanding these styles can help you choose the perfect card to represent your brand and make a lasting impression.

Standard Business Cards

The classic business card format remains popular for its straightforward design and cost-effectiveness. Typically sized at 85mm x 55mm, these cards are easy to carry and exchange, and they provide just enough space for essential contact information and a logo. This traditional style is ideal for professionals who prefer a sleek and simple aesthetic.

Folded Business Cards

These cards offer twice the space of standard cards, thanks to their foldable design. Folding business cards are like mini-brochures, providing extra room for additional information, images, or services offered. They are particularly useful for individuals who want to include more detailed descriptions or showcase their work directly on the card, such as artists or freelancers.

Raised Spot UV Business Cards

For those looking to add a touch of sophistication and texture, business cards featuring Spot UV are an excellent choice. This style involves applying a shiny, slightly raised coating to specific areas of the card, such as logos or company names, which not only enhances the visual appeal but also invites the recipient to feel the texture. This tactile and visual enhancement makes the card-and by extension, the brand-stand out in the recipient’s memory.

Raised Foil Business Cards

Incorporating elements of luxury! Raised foil business cards use metallic foil on certain design elements, adding a shimmering, eye-catching effect. Available in various colours like gold, silver, and copper, this style is perfect for businesses that want to convey a sense of elegance and quality, such as luxury brands, high-end service providers, and creative professionals.

Our B2+ Dusense allows for a whole range of tactile embellishment effects that are perfect for Business Cards

Each of these styles serves not just the functional purpose of providing contact information but also plays a crucial role in brand storytelling. They create a visual and tactile impact. Choosing the right style can enhance your professional image which can ensure your first impression is not only lasting but also reflective of your business ethos.

Types of Laminates and Their Benefits

The finish of your business card is just as important as its design and content. Laminates not only protect your cards from wear and tear but also add a distinctive touch to the card’s overall feel and appearance. Here’s a look at the most popular types of laminates we provide at Flexpress, and what they offer:

Gloss Laminate

This provides a shiny finish that enhances the vibrancy of the colours on the card. Gloss laminates are particularly effective for designs with photo images or rich colours, making them pop and catch the eye. They also add a layer of protection, making the cards more durable against moisture and dirt.

Matte Laminate

For a more understated and professional look, matte laminate is ideal. It offers a smooth, non-glossy finish that is soft to the touch and reduces glare. The makes the cards easier to read under various lighting conditions. This type of laminate is perfect for businesses that want to project a sophisticated and contemporary image.

Soft Touch Laminate

Sometimes referred to as velvet lamination, soft touch laminate gives the card a suede-like texture that is luxurious to the touch. This unique tactile quality ensures that the card engages the recipient’s sense of touch. Hopefully increasing the likelihood of the card-and the information it carries-being remembered.

Each laminate type offers unique benefits. You can choose based on the aesthetic you wish to achieve and the practical considerations of how the card will be used and stored.

Key Takeaway: 

Each laminate type offers distinct benefits, allowing professionals to choose one that best suits their brand’s aesthetic and practical needs.

The Appeal of Uncoated Business Cards

Uncoated business cards stand out in the world of professional exchanges due to their distinct, natural feel and appearance. They provide a stark contrast to the slick, polished finishes typically associated with coated cards. They offer a unique sensory and visual experience that can be particularly appealing for certain brands and industries.

Natural Texture and Appearance

Uncoated business cards have a porous surface, giving them a very natural, textured feel. This makes them ideal for businesses that want to emphasise a handcrafted, artisan, or organic brand identity. The uncoated finish also tends to soften colours which gives them cards a more muted and elegant look.

Ease of Writing

One practical advantage of uncoated cards is the ease with which one can write on them. This makes them particularly useful for adding notes or personal messages, which can be a thoughtful touch during networking. For professionals like consultants, therapists, or anyone who might need to leave appointment reminders, uncoated cards are an excellent choice.

Eco-friendly Appeal

Uncoated business cards are often seen as more environmentally friendly, as they are typically easier to recycle than their coated counterparts. For businesses committed to sustainability, using uncoated cards aligns with eco-conscious brand values and can resonate well with like-minded customers and clients.

Stand Out in a Digital Age

In a world increasingly dominated by digital communications, the tactile and visually understated appeal of uncoated business cards can make a memorable impact. They offer a touch of authenticity and sincerity that can be especially compelling in creative and eco-friendly industries.

These cards are not just about standing out for aesthetic reasons. They can also signify a commitment to quality and personalisation in a professional interaction. They tell a story of authenticity and attention to detail that can deeply influence perceptions and build lasting business relationships.

The Production Process at Flexpress

Here at Flexpress, we pride ourselves on combining cutting-edge technology with careful craftsmanship to produce premium business cards. Our process is designed to ensure the highest quality output while maintaining an eco-conscious approach at every step. Here’s a detailed look at how we transform a simple business card design into a compelling marketing tool.

The HP Indigo 100K; Flexpress’ B2+ Digital Press

HP Indigo 100K Printing

The journey of crafting the perfect business card starts with our HP Indigo 100K Digital Press. The Indigo is renowned for its exceptional print quality and colour accuracy. This state-of-the-art press allows for high speed and high quality printing, ensuring that each card reflects sharp details and vibrant colours. Whether it’s intricate graphics or bold text, the HP Indigo 100K brings every element to life with precision.

Autobond 76 High Speed Laminating Machine

Once printed, the cards are moved to the Autobond 76 High Speed Laminating Machine. This machine applies a chosen laminate (either gloss, matte, or soft touch) to the printed sheets of cards. Thereby enhancing their durability and aesthetic appeal. The lamination not only protects the print from wear and tear but also adds a distinct finish that enhances the tactile experience of your cards.

Duplo Dusense DDC-8000 for Spot UV and Foil Printing

For cards that require an extra touch of elegance, such as raised spot UV or metallic foil printing, we employ the Duplo Dusense DDC-8000. This machine digitally applies a raised spot UV coating or adds shimmering foil details to specified areas of the card. This selective embellishment accentuates key elements of the design, making the card stand out and giving it a luxurious feel.

Duplo DC 20K Automated B2+Cutting System

The next step involves precision cutting and finishing using our Duplo DC 20K system.

The Duplo DC 20K B2 Cutting System is used to efficiently and accurately cut every business card order here at Flexpress

This automated machine accurately trims, slits, and if necessary creases each card, ensuring flawless edges and a clean, professional look. The system’s precision guarantees that each batch of cards is uniform to within 0.25mm, meeting Flexpress’s high standards for quality and consistency.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Dispatch

Finally, the finished cards are carefully packaged in our own eco-friendly cardboard boxes. They not only protect the cards during shipping but also reflect our commitment to sustainability. These boxes are designed to minimise environmental impact, aligning with our goals of reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Quality Assurance and Dispatch

Before any batch of business cards leaves our facility, they undergo a thorough quality check to ensure that every detail is perfect. Once approved, they are dispatched to our clients, ready to make a lasting impression in their professional interactions.

At Flexpress, every step in the production of business cards is executed with precision and care, reflecting our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. By integrating advanced technology with sustainable practices, we not only create a superior product but also contribute to a healthier planet. Whether you are networking, branding, or simply making an introduction, the business cards we produce serve as a testament to your professional image and environmental consciousness.

Key Takeaway: 

We utilise top-tier technology like the HP Indigo 100K for printing and Duplo systems for finishing touches.


The world of business cards is rich with options, each offering unique benefits that can enhance your networking effectiveness and brand perception. From the tactile allure of raised spot UV to the understated elegance of matte laminates, the choices are vast and varied. Whether you opt for a high-impact glossy finish or the earthy, natural appeal of uncoated stock, your business card is a tool that extends beyond mere function-it’s a piece of your professional persona, designed to leave a lasting impression.

If you’re ready to take your professional interactions to the next level, make sure you explore the possibilities that business cards offer. Remember, in a digital world, the value of a tangible connection can set you apart and open doors to new opportunities.

Now, take this knowledge and put it into action. Choose your style, select your finish, and create a business card that perfectly represents your professional identity. Your next great business connection could just be a handshake away, and we at Flexpress are perfectly placed to produce them. We’re business card experts!

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