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Super Saver Range

At Flexpress, we make a big thing about not sacrificing quality and service for the sake of price because ultimately, we believe this is why that, eventually, trade clients switch to us from our bigger, online competitors. However, what if on some products at least,

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Trade print, or just trade prices?

Price is, of course, important. But of the biggest online printers associated with competitive prices, it would be fair to say that very few are truly ‘trade only’.

In fairness, most don’t profess to be; although in some cases the company name is designed to suggest otherwise. In other cases,

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The Host with the Most!

When HP (Hewlett Packard) asked us to host twenty guests in order to show off our new HP Indigo 100K, we thought they were joking. After all, twenty guests are more people than we employ! However, they were being serious…


DScoop is a Hewlett Packard-backed event that gets the major digital printing players from around the world,

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When the going gets tough

After the devastation and uncertainty caused by Covid, Flexpress faced the same dilemma as most other businesses: what would be our best approach to not only survive, but thrive in the post-pandemic future? 


Every set of circumstances is different, of course,

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