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Just a reminder

We thought it worthwhile to remind our clients of what’s important to us and what we do. 


We believe automation works best as an aid to a skill, it’s not yet a replacement for a keen eye from a conscientious worker.


Our attention is very much focussed on ‘right first-time’ resulting in a reprint rate that’s as little as 20%.

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Making your website work

If you’re website is not web-2-print, you’re seriously missing a big trick. A website that sells product 24/7 is one of the easiest ways to achieve and measure return on investment. Despite this, more than half of printer’s sites, are merely digital brochures, lacking even the most basic selling facilities.

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Getting it right first time

Almost 50% of the hundreds of artwork files we receive at Flexpress weekly, are in one way or another, not prepared correctly.


Despite this, Flexpress clients experience very few artwork related issues, in fact, we have as little as one-fifth of the reprints of most of our competitors,

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Trade print, or just trade prices?

Price is, of course, important. But of the biggest online printers associated with competitive prices, it would be fair to say that very few are truly ‘trade only’.

In fairness, most don’t profess to be; although in some cases the company name is designed to suggest otherwise. In other cases,

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Scale up. Scale down. Or stand still?

Some experts believe that print production will be dominated by just one or two ‘big players’ in each region and the remainder will serve relatively small localities; either outsourcing the bulk of their work, or specialising in a particular product or process serving niche markets.

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Boxing Clever

Good quality packaging is often overlooked by print suppliers, but getting the job delivered, right-first-time, and without damage is crucial to good supplier/client relationships.


This is why, at Flexpress, we only use extra strong double-walled corrugated boxes, many of which we have custom made,

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