Just a reminder

We thought it worthwhile to remind our clients of what’s important to us and what we do. 


We believe automation works best as an aid to a skill, it’s not yet a replacement for a keen eye from a conscientious worker.


Our attention is very much focussed on ‘right first-time’ resulting in a reprint rate that’s as little as 20%.


The environment is precious so we generate as much energy as we can through solar power and run electric delivery vehicles. We only print on sustainably sourced materials, run as chemistry free as we can, and recycle nearly all of our waste. We’ll be carbon neutral within the next two years.


Overall value matters more than price, so we won’t sacrifice quality or service merely to be the cheapest.


We’ll stand by our service and guarantee you’ll be happy, or we’ll work even harder until you are.


In terms of our capabilities:

  • Lithographic Printing up to SRA1 (900mm x 640mm) using LED UV, instantly drying inks.
  • Digital Printing up to B2+ (750mm x 530mm) using HP Indigo technology
  • Laminating up to SRA1 size: standard matt, standard gloss, soft-touch, anti-scuff matt, anti-bacterial matt and gloss, linen embossed and rainbow holographic effects.
  • Digital embellishment including raised spot UV and raised foil effects
  • Die-cutting up to SRA2
  • Soft-back PUR Perfect Binding (up to 10,000 books)
  • Hard-back Case Binding (up to 1000 books)
  • Wire-o binding (up to 5,000 books)
  • Plastic spiral binding (Up to 1000 books)
  • Saddle-stitching up to 72 pages (Up to 20,000 booklets)
  • Drilling up to 4 holes in one pass
  • Index tab-cutting
  • Folding and cross folding
  • Automated presentation folder gluing and assembly


Our key products include books, booklets, manuals and information packs but our capabilities and equipment mean we’re capable of much more.


You can find prices and order a large variation of the products we offer 24/7 by visiting flexpress.co.uk but we also welcome your enquiries for bespoke work that suits our equipment.

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