Getting it right first time

Almost 50% of the hundreds of artwork files we receive at Flexpress weekly, are in one way or another, not prepared correctly.


Despite this, Flexpress clients experience very few artwork related issues, in fact, we have as little as one-fifth of the reprints of most of our competitors, which is a credit to the quality of our automated artwork checking system combined with the vigilance of our team.


No printer, including ourselves, suggest that our automated systems are a substitute for carefully checking files before submitting them and none will guarantee to spot issues. Ultimately the client will be responsible for submitting artwork correctly in the first place or face the potential distress and expense of something going wrong.


So, how does Flexpress avoid more of these issues than others?


It comes down to two reasons:


1) Education. No file checking system, no matter how many points it checks, is a substitute for the conscientious ability to supply a good file in the first place.


We go to great lengths to supply everything you need from templates to instructional videos to ensure the job turns out as expected. If there are errors in your file, rather than just correct them, we’ll talk you through how to do it so you’ll know for the next time around.


2) Conscientious operators. With automated file checking, often, the first time anyone sees the job, is when it’s on the press so our team are trained to look for issues. Often the operator’s keen eye for detail might cost the client an extra set of plates but that’s far better than a complete reprint.


Of course, nobody wants problems, so clearly, it’s in everyone’s best interest to do everything they can to prevent them.


From our point of view the client should be doing everything they can to submit artwork correctly, then we’ll continue to diligently try to pick up anything that may have slipped through.


If you are unsure about any of your files, feel free to email

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