Test your spot UV design using our new ‘test sheet’ service

Sensory Spot UV (otherwise known as ‘extra thick spot UV’ or ‘raised spot UV’) is taking the marketing world by storm. Marketers love it because it captures consumers’ imagination and adds value to otherwise uninspiring print by adding a new, tactile dimension that quite literally makes print stand out.

For designers, though, making the most of this to achieve the effect you desire can be fraught with questions: “Does the effect look best with a light or dark background?”, “Will it work over text?”, “How fine can I go?”, “Will it add enough texture to make my material feel real?” etc. etc.

So to help with this, we’ve introduced a Sensory Spot UV Test Sheet that enables you to check your design with an actual printed hard copy sheet, for a realistic cost, before committing to a larger project.

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