Exploring Embellishment Options at Flexpress

Exploring Embellishment Options at Flexpress

Welcome to Flexpress, where the magic of printing meets the art of embellishment! In the vibrant world of print, an embellishment is not just an add-on; it’s a statement. It’s the difference between something good and something spectacular. At Flexpress, we understand the power of these finishing touches and offer a variety of embellishment options to elevate your printing projects.

Whether you’re looking to add a glossy sheen, a luxurious matte finish, or something even more eye-catching, we’ve got you covered. From lamination to spot UV, and the charm of foiling – each option comes with its unique flair. In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of our embellishment options, including lamination, Spot UV, and both traditional and digital foil printing. We’ll guide you through the ideal uses for each, ensuring you make the best choice for the print product you’re ordering.

Table of Contents:

Lamination Options

Lamination isn’t just about protecting your print. It’s about adding that extra zing! At Flexpress, we offer a variety of lamination options, each with its unique appeal. Let’s unwrap these options one by one.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination is like the little black dress of print finishing – it’s classic, elegant, and never goes out of style. This finish adds a high-gloss sheen that enhances colours and adds vibrancy to your prints. Ideal for photographs, marketing materials, and any project where you want the colours to pop and catch the eye.

Matt Lamination

If gloss is the life of the party, matt lamination is the sophisticated counterpart. It offers a smooth, non-reflective finish, giving your prints a modern and elegant look. It’s perfect for business cards, book covers, and brochures, especially where you want a subtle, premium feel without the shine.

Silk Lamination

Silk lamination sits comfortably between gloss and matt, offering a smooth, silky finish. This lamination type is ideal for items where you want a touch of elegance without the high shine of gloss. Think wedding invitations, high-end catalogues, or luxury packaging.

Soft Touch Lamination

Imagine the feel of velvet against your fingertips! That’s soft touch lamination for you. This finish adds a tactile dimension to your print, creating an unforgettable experience. It’s particularly effective for products where you want to engage the sense of touch, like premium business cards or special event invitations.

Rainbow Holographic Lamination

Ready to dazzle? Rainbow holographic lamination brings a playful and eye-catching element to your print. It’s perfect for promotional items, packaging, or any project where you want to stand out. This finish changes colours as you move it, ensuring your print is as dynamic as your ideas.

Anti-Scuff Matt Lamination

Durability meets elegance with anti-scuff matt lamination. It provides a protective, matte layer that resists scuffs and marks. This makes it ideal for heavily handled items like menus, instructional booklets, or travel guides.

Key Takeaway: 

Lamination isn’t just about protection; it’s a style statement. We offer many options like Gloss, Matt, Silk, Soft Touch, Rainbow Holographic, and Anti-Scuff Matt. Each lamination type at Flexpress offers a unique aesthetic and functional benefit to suit diverse project needs.

Spot UV

Spot UV is a fantastic way to add depth and texture to your print work and creates a striking visual and tactile contrast. At Flexpress, we offer digital Spot UV, allowing your print product to benefit from this wonderful effect with minimal additional cost. Let’s shine a light on these glossy wonders.

Understanding Spot UV

Spot UV involves applying a clear, shiny coating to specific areas of a print. This technique is usually used to highlight certain aspects, be it a logo, text, or a graphic element, adding a layer of sophistication and premium quality. The result? A printed item that’s not only visually appealing but also begs to be touched.

Digital vs. Traditional Spot UV

While both digital and traditional Spot UV serve a similar purpose, the way they achieve it is quite different.

  • Traditional Spot UV is applied using a screen printing process. It’s ideal for larger runs and offers fairly consistent quality. However, it requires a lot more setup time, and therefore isn’t as cost-effective for shorter runs more intricate designs.
  • Digital Spot UV, on the other hand, is applied using a digital process that doesn’t require plates or screens. This method offers greater flexibility, allowing for more detailed and intricate designs. It’s also more efficient for short runs, making it a cost-effective solution for smaller projects or those requiring a fast turnaround.

The real game-changer with digital Spot UV is its precision, versatility and the ability for the Spot UV to have a ‘raised’ effect. This leaves your printed product with a texture that you just can’t help but touch. You can achieve incredibly detailed effects that aren’t possible with traditional methods. For instance, adding a subtle sheen to intricate patterns or small text enhances the overall design without overpowering it.

The magnificent Duplo DuSense DDC 8000 B2 Print Embellisher at Flexpress Ltd

At Flexpress, we use the Duplo Dusense DDC-8000 for several reasons. Its low running costs for starters. Its incredibly quick make-ready time (we can switch from one job to the next in a matter of seconds). Last of all, its highly accurate camera-based registration system. It can also take B2+ (750mm x 530mm) sheets, meaning we can now Spot UV a huge range of products!

Ideal Uses for Spot UV

Spot UV works wonders on a variety of products. It’s perfect for business cards, adding a luxurious touch that sets you apart. Brochures and book covers also benefit greatly, as Spot UV can highlight titles or key visuals, drawing attention where it’s needed most. For packaging, this technique can make your product jump off the shelf, catching the customer’s eye with its unique texture and gloss. Document Folders also benefit hugely from adding Spot UV, which serves as a sure-fire way to get your logo noticed!

Foiling Options

Foiling is like the crown jewel of print embellishments, adding a touch of opulence and distinction to any project. At Flexpress, we offer both traditional and raised foiling, each bringing its own unique style and elegance. Let’s unwrap the shimmering world of foiling.

Traditional Foil Printing

Traditional foiling, also known as hot foiling, involves pressing metallic foil onto paper using a heated die. It’s a classic technique that exudes luxury and high quality. Traditional foiling is perfect for adding a metallic sheen to logos, titles, or decorative elements, making it a popular choice for wedding invitations, certificates, and high-end business cards. The depth and texture it adds are unmatched, giving your print a regal and timeless look. At Flexpress, all traditional foiling jobs are produced on our Heidelberg Platen.

Digital Raised Foil Printing

Raised foil takes the concept of traditional foiling a step further. It combines the eye-catching appeal of metallic foil with an added dimension of raised texture. This method is particularly effective for creating a tactile experience, where the elements you choose to highlight are not only visually striking but also physically stand out. Raised foil is a fantastic choice for adding a luxurious touch to business cards, greeting cards, posters, document folders, basically any print where you want to make a memorable impression.

Here at Flexpress, all of our raised foil printing is done on our incredible Duplo Dusense DDC-8000, which can foil B2+ (750mm x 530mm) sheets at speeds of up to 350 sheets per hour. No wonder we can produce your raised foil business cards so quickly!

Comparing Traditional and Raised Foil Printing

While traditional foiling offers a classic, smooth finish, raised foil brings an extra layer of texture and depth. The choice between the two often depends on the desired effect and the specific application. Traditional foiling is great for a subtle, sophisticated look. While raised foil is ideal for a more dramatic, sensory impact.

Raised Foil is usually significantly more cost-effective over a shorter-to-medium run length. With raised foil printing being a digital process, there is only a few minutes set-up charge, and then the job is running. Traditional foil printing however usually requires a die to be made prior to the job being started, and then even after that the Platen takes a substantial amount of time to set-up per job.

Ideal Products for Each Foiling Type

Traditional Foiling: Ideal for formal letterheads, certificates, luxury book covers. It adds a subtle, elegant shimmer without altering the paper’s surface. Becomes more cost-effective on longer run lengths due to the substantial set-up charge and make-ready.

Digital Raised Foil Printing: Perfect for interactive marketing materials, special event invitations, luxury document folders, invites and business cards that need to make a bold statement. The raised texture invites people to touch and engage with the print. This method of foiling is also perfect for shorter run-length jobs, due to the minimal make-ready time.

The Spectrum of Foil Colours at Flexpress

At Flexpress, we understand that colour is a powerful tool in design. That’s why we offer a wide range of foil colours, each capable of adding a distinct character to your print projects. Let’s dive into the vibrant world of foil colours and see how they can transform your designs.

Gold Foil
Gold foil is the epitome of luxury and elegance. It’s perfect for adding a classic, high-end touch to your print projects. Ideal for formal invitations, prestigious certificates, and premium business cards, gold foil imbues a sense of sophistication and timeless beauty.

Silver Foil
Silver foil offers a sleek, modern look. Its cool tone is excellent for contemporary designs, adding a futuristic or cutting-edge feel. Use it for corporate brochures, greeting cards, and modern wedding invitations to create a crisp, chic finish.

Rose Gold Foil
Rose gold foil has gained popularity for its warm, romantic appeal. It’s a fantastic choice for wedding invitations, boutique marketing materials, and any print that aims to convey intimacy and charm. The unique hue of rose gold stands out, offering a trendy alternative to traditional gold.

Copper Foil
Copper foil brings a unique, earthy elegance to your prints. Its warm and rich tone is perfect for designs that aim to convey warmth, luxury, and a touch of vintage charm. Ideal for artisan product packaging and specialty business cards. Basically any project seeking a distinctive, sophisticated look.

Rainbow Holographic Foil
For those who love to dazzle, rainbow holographic foil is a show-stopper. This foil changes colours in the light, creating a dynamic and playful effect. It’s perfect for eye-catching promotional materials, unique business cards, or any project that aims to be bold and memorable.

Coloured Foils: Red, Blue, Green
Stepping beyond the metallic colour spectrum, we offer foils in vibrant colours like red, blue, and green. Each colour can set a different mood and context. Red foil symbolizes passion and energy. Ideal for making a bold statement as it’s great for attention-grabbing headlines or special offers in marketing materials. Blue foil evokes trust and professionalism. It’s a fantastic choice for corporate branding, financial reports, and high-end packaging. Green foil can be associated with nature and growth. Which makes it perfect for eco-friendly brands, organic products, or any design that aims to convey freshness and vitality.

Key Takeaway: 

The choice of foil colour can significantly impact the mood and message of your print project. From the luxurious gold and silver to the trendy rose gold and playful rainbow holographic. Each colour offers a unique way to make your print stand out. Utilising red, blue, or green foil can further tailor your design to specific themes or brand identities.

Combining Embellishments

At Flexpress, we believe in the power of synergy when it comes to print embellishments. The right combination of techniques can create a unique experience. Here are some tried and tested combinations that bring together the best of our offerings:

Soft Touch Lamination and Raised Foil

This combination is the epitome of sensory indulgence. Soft touch lamination offers a velvety texture that begs to be touched, while raised foil adds an element of luxury and depth. The contrast between the smooth, soft background and the textured, shiny foil creates a tactile and visual delight. It’s perfect for high-end business cards, exclusive event invitations, or any project where you want to leave a lasting impression.

Soft Touch Lamination, Raised Foil, and Spot UV

For those looking to take their print projects to the next level, this trio is a game-changer. Imagine a business card with the plush feel of soft touch lamination, the elegance of raised foil accents, and the glossy highlights of Spot UV. This combination is not just a feast for the eyes but a full sensory experience. It’s ideal for creating a standout piece that communicates sophistication and attention to detail.

Lamination and Spot UV

Pairing any lamination, especially matt, with digital Spot UV can produce stunning results. The non-reflective background of the matt lamination provides a perfect canvas for the glossy accents of Spot UV. This combination is great for brochures, book covers, and business cards, where you want to highlight specific elements subtly yet effectively.

These combinations are just the start. The potential for mixing and matching these embellishments is limited only by your imagination. Whether you’re aiming for subtle elegance or bold luxury, there’s a combination that will perfectly suit your project’s needs.

Key Takeaway: 

The art of combining embellishments like Soft Touch Lamination with Raised Foil, or Matt Lamination with Spot UV, can create unique and memorable print products. These combinations can elevate the sensory experience and visual impact, making your prints not just seen but felt and remembered.


As we wrap up our journey through the world of print embellishments at Flexpress, it’s clear that the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. From the sleek sheen of lamination options to the tactile allure of raised foil. Not forgetting the eye-catching glimmer of Spot UV! Each embellishment offers a unique way to elevate your print projects.

Whether you’re looking to create business cards that leave a lasting impression, brochures that stand out, or invitations that captivate. The right combination of these finishing touches can make all the difference. Remember, it’s not just about the print; it’s about the experience you create for the recipient.

We encourage you to experiment with these options. Combine soft touch lamination with raised foil for a luxurious feel. Or even pair matt lamination with Spot UV for a subtle yet striking effect. The choice is yours, and the results are sure to be spectacular.

At Flexpress, we’re committed to bringing your creative visions to life with the highest quality and care. Our team is always ready to help you select the perfect embellishments for your project. We hope to ensure that you’re print is not just seen, but felt and remembered.

Thank you for joining us on this explorative journey. We can’t wait to see what stunning creations you’ll come up with using the embellishment options at Flexpress. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries, samples, or to start your next print project. Let’s make something beautiful together!

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