NEW – Job Weight Calculator

Have you ever worried that the job you’re having printed may be too heavy for your vehicle? Or wondered how much it would cost you to send on to your client? Or perhaps you just need to know how much one booklet is likely to weigh for postage purposes?

There are numerous occasions it’s handy to know the weight of printed goods but often, this means either complex calculations, or a call to your printing company who then have to do the calculations on your behalf.

Well here’s some good news. You can now calculate the weight of virtually any printed job using our new job weight calculator. This user-friendly, handy calculator can quickly calculate the weight of books, booklets, leaflets or flyers; in fact virtually any printed product at any size you can think of! Why not try it out?

You can easily find it whenever you need by simply dropping it down from the tools menu on our homepage.

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