Building for the future

The Japanese call it “Kaizen” which roughly translated means ‘continual improvement’ but improvement is the end result and in the meantime, it’s disruption.

It seems there is always something going on at Flexpress: things are being moved, new machinery is being installed, systems are being changed, and the latest instance has just started.

Recognising the need to cut down on wasted movement by optimising the layout of our factory has been high on our agenda. But moving printing machines is expensive, so the arrival of our new SRA1 format (900mm x 640mm sheet size) lithographic printing press due in June, presents a perfect opportunity to not only add a more efficient press but make the whole place more productive by cutting down on the unnecessary movement of people and goods.

In this case, the project includes the removal of a large internal wall and moving every finishing machine to a new location. This involves six different contractors and also means a lot of mess and a big hit on the bank balance!

But the good news is we’ve planned it in such a way, you’ll barely notice and the even better news is we’ll be more efficient than ever!

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