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Your Design - Spot UV Sample

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Sensory spot UV (also known as raised spot UV and extra thick spot UV) has been taking the design world by storm. Marketers love it because it captures consumers' imagination and improves return on investment by adding another dimension to otherwise uninspiring print.

Available as a trade service from Flexpress, now, your clients can take advantage of this sensational effect without any need for you to invest in expensive equipment. 

Through this  website, it's available on:

In addition, our estimating team would be delighted to quote any other specific bespoke application you may have considered.

Our sensory Spot UV is produced on the amazing Duplo Dusense using a special polymer resin which is printed onto the sheet exactly where you need it. The internal camera recognises special camera marks printed on the sheet and adjusts each sheet to ensure registration between the print and the spot UV effect is always perfect.

Printing in depths varying between 20 microns (0.2mm) and 80 microns (0.8mm - just less than braille) thick, you can use grey scale tints set within a layer on your file to determine the thickness of the effect and at 95 gloss units, it offers the most glossy finish of any process available. 

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