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What do print credits make? FREE print.

When you sign up at Flexpress, you really can get print for FREE and you don’t even have to do anything. Here’s how…

When you sign up, you’re automatically enrolled into our unique loyalty scheme at no cost or inconvenience to you. This means that every £1 you spend at will earn you print credits: £1 = 1 print credit. You can exchange print credits for an additional discount every time you buy, or you can save them up until you have enough to get a whole job for FREE! The choice is yours.


Get your hands on even more points.


Why not give your points bank an extra boost? Besides simply buying print, there are lots of ways you can receive extra free points:

  • Allow us to use photographs of products we print for you (we’ll always acknowledge you)  = 100 points per job
  • Send us a testimonial = 300 points
  • Give us a 5 star Google review = 1000 points
  • Refer us to a colleague or associate that goes on to place an order = 500 points
  • Reach your first £1000 spend target = 500 points
  • Special offers = Variable
  • More points at our discretion


It’s easy to see how with very little effort you can build up points quickly which you’ll be able to exchange at checkout. 


Print Credits FAQs


Q: There are several people within my company working for you can our points be accumulated and used together?

A: Yes, with some minor behind-the-scenes changes to the way we process your orders, we can join all your contacts together so that your points are accumulated into one kitty.

Q: Is there a limit to how many points I can accumulate?

A: No, there is no limit. The more you spend, the more you’ll accumulate, the more free print you’ll get.

Q: Do the points last forever?

A: No, points that are unused and over 12 months old will be automatically removed. Our best advice would be to use them as you go, or save them for Christmas!

Q: How much is a print credit worth?

A: 1 print credit  = 1 pence so 100 print credits = £1 and 1000 print credits = £10. Clients spending in excess of £10,000 per year will enjoy at least £100 of free print.

Q: Why don’t you just knock 1% off your prices?

A: Where is the fun in that? Plus this gives us a way of saying thank you for lots of other things too.


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Thank you the handbook was excellent. A top class job and we are all happy

Robert Bryce,
March 2017

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for all your help getting our panels sorted for the Pub17 show. I've been very impressed with the design and I wouldn't hesitate to use Flexpress again in the future.

Alec Vjestica,
17th January 2017

I just wanted to contact you and say thanks for the great customer service and assistance you gave me. We had never used you before and due to the service and the folders we received, we will be contacting you again in the future.

Jamie Owen,
April 2019

We have received the songbook and we are delighted with both the printing and the service. Thank you very much. I shall mention your company on Facebook today.

Vivien Richardson,
19th December 2016

The Diagnostic Atlas job arrive to day, I just wanted to say that Richard was delighted and thought it was a great job!! There is going to be another similar one shortly (not sure when) and we will definitely use Flexpress for that one as well!

Janet Bassett,
27th January 2017

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