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Autobiography Printing Cost

Also known as hard-back books or hard-cover books, adding a beautifully printed sturdy hard cover gives your book another level of quality and adds immeasurably to the perceived value.

  • 2000 micron (2mm thick) heavyweight cover board
  • Professional paper-over-board finish
  • Laminated or natural uncoated finish options
  • Optional luxury cover embellishment 
  • PUR Bound Book Blocks for strength & flexibility
  • Various popular sizes available
  • Large-scale professional quality for low volume jobs
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Your hard cover can be finished with a range of protective laminates, or left as a natural uncoated finish.
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Add one of our special effect finishes to your soft-touch laminated cover to make your book really look impressive.
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Autobiography/Memoir Printing Information

Autobiography & Memoir Print Service

Depending on personal preference, memoirs and autobiographies can either be hard-cover/casebound or softcover/PUR perfect bound. For casebound books, we offer professional paper-over-board finishing, laminated or natural uncoated finishing options, additional cover embellishments, various popular sizes, and heavyweight coverboards to ensure strength and flexibility. For PUR perfect bound books, Flexpress has a range of environmentally responsible materials, PUR adhesive for superior strength and flexibility, cover enhancing options and with both of these binding options, customers get large-scale professional finishing, even for lower volume production. We offer On Demand book publishing. Get an instant online quote or a custom autobiography print quote depending on preference and publishing needs.

Autobiography Print Prepress

Whether or not you request a proof, all supplied artwork files undertake our rigorous 10 point file check free of charge to ensure your printed job turns out exactly as you intend. Files are automatically imposed ready for printing in the most effective way to minimise waste.

Autobiography Book Print Sizes

For our high-quality case bound or ‘hard cover’ books, we offer A4, A5 and square sizing. Remember that the stated sizes are for the inner pages and the outer cover will be a few millimetres bigger all around. Our PUR perfect bound or ‘softcover’ books come in all the standard publishing sizes, from A4, A5, Square, and Crown Quatro to Pinched Crown, Royal, Demi and B format (US and UK).

Autobiography Book Print Material

With our hardcover or casebound books we use 2000 micron (2mm thick) heavyweight cover boards for the cover together with a professional paper-over-board finish. Laminated or natural uncoated finishing options are available and we also offer optional luxury cover embellishments. PUR Bound Book Blocks are made with superior strength and flexibility. Choose from silk, gloss or uncoated for the inner pages. For our perfect bound books coated and uncoated materials for both the covers and inner pages are available and you can mix and match as you see fit. Additionally, opt for cover lamination that adheres a protective plastic film over the book cover and is always recommended for perfect bound books using coated board covers to enhance the look and feel of the book as well as protect the print and increase the lifespan. Cover enhancement options include extra thick spot UV gloss, a standard metallic foil or for a real classy look why not try our raised foil which is available in five striking metallic colours.

High-Def Autobiography Book Printing

Every job at Flexpress is printed using the finest technology digital and lithographic technology available. You won’t receive any products printed on beefed-up photocopiers from us – another reason we back everything with our total satisfaction guarantee

Precision Autobiography Book Finishing

Perfect Bound Books are trimmed down to the finished size using our precision three-knife book trimmer and carefully packed in super-strong, double-walled corrugated boxes to withstand the rigours of carriage. The same goes for our casebound books. All of our packaging: boxes, reinforced tape and void fill, is environmentally friendly and completely recyclable for your peace of mind.

PUR Glue Autobiography Book Binding 

There are basically two types of Perfect Binding glue: EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and PUR (Polyurethane Reactive). Flexpress use PUR glue for its superior adhesion and press flat properties. The process involves ‘roughing’ the spine of the book block enabling the  glue to penetrate into the fibres of the paper which ensures a strong, bind with anti-pull out qualities up to 70% better than traditional EVA glue. The cover is creased and hinged before being drawn onto the spine. To see the process and understand just how strong the finished bind is see our demonstration video.

Autobiography Book Printing FAQs

How do you create a memoir?
Some memoirs are written purely from the perspective of sharing one’s life story with family members and so to preserve memories for later generations. Others are written with a larger audience in mind. Although a memoir is a true story, it helps to approach it like a work of fiction – this means that the structural elements should be planned, establishing the main character and building the setting or social and historical context as well as incorporating themes. Writing a memoir is a deeply personal experience, keep it honest and authentic with the reader in mind. The point is to invite the reader into your world and life story. When deciding to write a memoir, the assumption is that the writer wants to share something that others might find meaningful. Make sure that this ‘something’ guides your book at all times.
How do you self-publish a memoir or autobiography?
The first thing to remember is that writing a memoir or autobiography is a long process. There are many reputable self-publishing sites that can guide aspiring and established writers alike through all the aspects of self-publishing. One of the most invaluable pieces of advice is to make use of professional editing. This can make all the difference. Plan, plan, plan and think through your structure before starting the writing process. One of the hardest parts of self-publishing is marketing a work. This is why you need to determine your goals – who is the audience? What do you want to achieve? When sharing factual information, it must be accurate and when it comes to the technical aspects, make use of industry standards of book size, dimension and so forth. When it comes to these aspects and printing your book, we can help answer any and all questions and give professional advice.
What is the format of a memoir? What is the format of an autobiography?
Generally, an autobiography is a first-person account of an entire life while memoirs use a person’s life story to present a larger theme or idea. Autobiographies are usually written in chronological order and contains factual information - names, dates, locations. Autobiographies are fact-checked and usually written by well-known figures that people want to know about. An autobiography is written in a more formal style. A memoir is more about a theme or message than the writer and the focus is on subjective experience, intimacy and emotional truth. Memoirs aren’t bound by factual accuracy or chronology and as such the possibilities for format are endless. It all depends on what it is that the writer wishes to convey. The most acceptable format for autobiographies is chronological, starting with family and childhood background and proceeding from there – highlighting important events, people, and incidents that influenced the writer.

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Artwork Templates

Please select a template from the options below. Templates are available in Adobe InDesign, Adobe PDF and Adobe Illustrator formats.

Template ref: Landscape Business Card Template
Finished Size: 85mm x 55mm
Recommended Bleed: 3mm
Template ref: Portrait Business Card Template
Finished Size: 55mm x 85mm
Recommended Bleed: 3mm

File Set-up Information

We would always recommend using Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator to create your artwork, with the easiest way being to download one of our templates above and use that as your base. When exporting your file as a PDF, please ensure you select ‘Press Quality’ in the output settings, and ensure you have 3mm bleed and trim marks. We work to FOGRA39 colour standards too, so please ensure you are using that colour profile.