4 proven facts why cheap business cards always cost you more!

One of the most common questions facing people when purchasing business cards is: “what’s the point of spending more than I absolutely have to?” Well, if you think of a business card merely as a way to hand over your name and contact details, you’d have an argument but you’d also seriously be missing the point.

A recent study by the Statistic Brain Research Institute ascertained that undervaluing the true potential of your business card could be seriously damaging your prospects of success. Interestingly, their survey revealed that:

  • 72% of people judge a business by the quality of their business card
  • 39% wouldn’t use a company with a cheap looking business card

These facts alone clearly demonstrate that the quality of your card is instrumental in securing you new business but there were more revelations that should make you think too:

  • 88% of business cards handed out get thrown away within a week
  • 63% throw away the card because they don’t need the service

It is reasonable to conclude that if you have a poor business card the chances of it winning you new business, are very slim indeed.

These days, you can have a stunning business card professionally designed and printed with luxurious finishes such as velvet lamination, spot UV or metallic foiling for well under £100 so there really is no reason not to invest in doing it well; especially as your future success could depend on it.

For this, you’ll not only get a business card you can be proud to hand out, but one that will always leave a positive and lasting impression.

Our advice is leave the DIY business cards for super cheap prices alone or inevitably, you’ll pay twice: once when you buy them and again when you hand them out!


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