The return of printing for marketers in a digital age

In the ever expanding digital world in which we live, many marketers question the place of print, arguing that it is no longer relevant and that print, as an industry, is dying out.

We are experiencing a trend back to print. Here are 5 reasons we think why;

1. 3D Printing – The latest technologies in 3D printing are taking the industry to entirely new realms of science, medicine and design. If printers are being used to create replacement kidneys and prosthetic limbs, there is surely no boundaries as to what else may be possible in the future.

2. Environmentally friendly printing trends – Today materials are sourced more responsibly and products are often printed using recycled supplies and renewable energy sources. According to print resource site Print Is Big, the paper industry plants three times more trees than it uses.

3. A Great impact – Tangible, physical objects leave a deeper imprint on the brain – it’s scientifically proven. A study by Millwood Brown concluded that this encouraged audiences to be more responsive towards direct mail than virtual mail. This suggests that direct mail is more effective at increasing brand awareness, association and memorability.

4. Technology enables new techniques – It is now easier than ever to make printed products stand out using embossing, textures, laser, paper type, size and die-cutting.

5. Interaction – The use of QR codes on promotional material and business cards creates a partnership between online and print marketing, not only encouraging consumers to hold onto printed products but also encouraging them to visit social media platforms and websites.

Print still has an effect. According to Print is Big, direct mail brings in 78% of all donations for non-profit organisations. Direct Mail response rates have gone up in recent years as opposed to email response rates which are decreasing.

New technology, techniques and environmental changes remove any sense of complacency in our industry, and shows the continuing progression as we delve further into the digital age. The purpose of print is still very much apparent.

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