Where to place posters and banners for maximum results

The strategic placement of adverts has long since been a marketing technique utilised to get products in front of target audiences.

Printing posters and banners and placing them correctly can earn serious revenue for businesses. Choosing where to place posters and banners is one of the crucial factors. To gain maximum coverage, they should be in obvious spots that attract walkers, drivers or commuters in high traffic areas.

We have all been in traffic or on a bus, in a queue, on a train or tube or in a public toilet and stared absent-mindedly at the advertisements around us. Printed posters and banners in the right location create brand awareness and can be seen by any number of people at any given time.

Printing with an understanding of how the poster will be used

At Flexpress, we print posters and banners suitable for eye catching advertising and display. From A0 to A5 size, with a multitude of bespoke design features including colours, images, logos and fonts.

Poster Printing – 6 tips for getting it right

Whilst poster printing is a low cost, high impact advertising method perfect for businesses looking to make potential clients aware of their services, events, promotions and offers but, design is 50% of the battle. Use these tips to make sure you get it right;

  1. Consistency – Your logo/colour scheme needs to stay the same throughout your marketing campaign. Everything from your website and social media channels to your business cards and posters needs to have a similar theme. Making people aware of your brand is key.
  2. Keep it simple – Too much of anything will put people off. Lots of small text and a busy, messy, design with lots of pictures makes reading the information hard work.
  3. Essential contact details – If potential clients don’t have various ways of contacting you as a result of your posters. It may sound obvious but be sure to include all the basics; company name, website address, two contact numbers and an email address at the very least.
  4. Focused on objectives – Give potential clients information on specific products, services or promotions that your company is offering. Keep it easy to read and concise. Bullet points or list formats help.
  5. Something for nothing – Giving potential clients incentives on poster gives them a full proof reason to pay attention to it! Everyone likes the idea of something for nothing and it will certainly help people remember your name.
  6. Be Creative – Experimenting with colours, shapes, designs, textures and embossed details creates an eye catching poster or banner and gives the impression of a strong corporate personality. If a poster isn’t eye catching, it won’t attract attention or encourage business.

For all your poster printing in Loughborough, Leicestershire and the East Midlands call Flexpress today on 0116 2676269.

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