Leverage with Leaflets

According  to  Marketing  Week (February 2011), 87% of  consumers  recalled  leaflets posted through  the door compared  with  69% for TV, 35% for email  and 30% for online adverts.

Furthermore with the average price for a printed leaflet at around 2p, and the average price for delivery (assuming you don’t do it yourself) at less than 5p, you can reach a new prospect with  a message they’re likely to remember for less than 7 pence making leaflet marketing a real bargain.

Of course, anyone who knows about such things would suggest that it’s not the cost of the campaign that’s the real issue but the return on investment so when you consider that it’s not unrealistic to expect that a well-designed leaflet to yield at least a 2% response, it would be fair to anticipate 20 new customers for the miserly cost of just £70 

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