Tips for designing powerful flyers

When designed and produced properly, leaflets and flyers act as a great, low cost, effective method of advertising.

Unlike many other forms of advertising, they are hard to ignore. In a survey conducted by The Direct Marketing Association, 89% of people stated that they remember recently receiving a leaflet or flyer for a specific product or service.

So how do you ensure you get it right? Follow these 6 simple leaflet and flyer printing tips from us –

1)      Make it recognisable Sell your brand. If people see a flyer with the same branding as a van or shop front that they drive past regularly, you will create brand awareness. Creating continuity across your marketing campaign is crucial. Ensure your logos, artwork, colours and themes remain the same – it helps people associate your business with your marketing material.

2)      A picture says 1000 words Blocks of text look dull and boring. They need breaking up with relevant and intriguing images…

3)     An interesting offer on the headline. When you start with an interesting offer, this is more likely to grab your customer’s attention than talking about your business. Money off, vouchers, discount codes, free gifts – they’re all great incentive ideas. Everyone likes to think they’re getting something for nothing!

4)      Don’t forget essential information The biggest (and easiest) mistake to make when designing and printing leaflets and flyers is missing off crucial contact details. If you aren’t directing potential customers by giving them a phone number to call or website to visit – they probably won’t bother searching you out.

5)      Easy to read Make reading your leaflet as simple as possible for your readers. Summarise your points effectively in bullet points/lists and use insightful, intriguing headings and subheadings. If it’s an effort, potential customers may just switch off and not bother. Put text left to right, starting at the top of the page going to the bottom – this maximises readability.

6)     Don’t cut corners If your leaflets and flyers look cheap, potential customers will make that assumption of your business/service as well. Your printed flyers and leaflets may be some people’s first impression of you, so make it a good one.

Remember that a successful leaflet or flyer should ultimately do three main things

  • Attract attention.
  • Generate interest.
  • Encourage response and action.

For more help and advice with the design and print of successful leaflets and flyers, call Flexpress on 0116 267 6269.

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