Environmentally responsible Printers for business in Leicester

Flexpress appreciate that there is increasing amounts of pressure to be more environmentally responsible.

We endeavour to work in a way which ensures that all our products are environmentally friendly; committing to sustain responsible development and printing through investing money and time on environmental responsible manufacturing, materials and technologies.

 Did you know that the paper and printing trade has done a great deal to reduce the environmental impact of their activities? Here are our top 5 environmentally responsible printers facts;

  1. The paper industry plants 3 times more trees than it uses.
  2.  51.5 million tons of paper was recovered from recycling in 2010 – enough to fill the Empire State Building 124 times!
  3. 70% of today’s adverts and direct mail are printed on recycled paper.
  4. An average person wastes 2.4 times more energy powering one computer than the energy used to produce all the paper they use in A YEAR!
  5. Reading a newspaper online generates 20% more CO2 than reading it in print.

For all your environmentally friendly print requirements in and around Leicester and Loughborough, consult Flexpress; The Experts in Print. As one of the largest printing companies in the East Midlands, we are the quality, affordable, flexible solution to all your printing needs. Call one of our team today on 0116 2676269 to discuss your free, no obligation quotation. Flexpress, where all our materials are used and sourced in an environmentally friendly way!


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