Design and Artwork

Professional design and artwork at affordable prices.

When you invest in printed communication, you are making a very visible statement about your business that rightly, or wrongly, your customers and prospects will judge you by. Why then, risk that beautifully printed expensive marketing failing because of low quality, unimaginative artwork? 

At Flexpress, we want your printing to communicate it’s message as effectively as possible so every product features our optional all-inclusive, heavily subsidised, professional design and artwork package.

Choosing this option saves you time and worry, but more importantly, ensures your message is communicated attractively and effectively; leaving a positive and lasting impression on your target market.

Junior or Senior level designer?

By selecting ‘Junior Level Designer’ your artwork will be prepared by someone with a little less commercial experience. For example this could be a university graduate who is in the first few years of their commercial career. This level of design is perfectly acceptable for most projects and ultimately, as we’ll never print something you’re not delighted with, offers a very economical way to get professionally prepared artwork.

If you would prefer the standard of artwork you would expect from a dedicated design agency, then choose ‘Senior Level Designer’. Our senior designers have at least three years of commercial experience along with a good understanding of marketing and excel in creating original concepts that stand out from the norm.

Either way, you’ll get classy design, unique to your business that you’re sure to be proud of without the worry and hassle over doing it yourself, or going elsewhere.

So, how does it work?

Quite simply, if you select this option, one of our design team will contact you within four working hours to discuss the best way to proceed with your project. Preparing artwork can take from one day for business cards to up to fourteen days for a complex booklet so please bear this in mind when considering your deadline. We will always endeavour to meet any specific deadline you may have.

What happens if I don’t like the design they create?

Our team of talented creatives are pretty good at ascertaining your style and needs right from the initial brief, so it’s not often they get it completely wrong, and if they do, it’s generally in the early stages of the process when they’ll test ideas on you. Nevertheless on the rare occasion you really don’t like what they’ve done, we’ll simply start again.

Click on an image below to see some of the recent projects we’ve worked on.