Printing a brochure – 10 simple tips

An effective brochure gives a potential customers more information about your business and your product.

Getting it right is like perfecting a great recipe – it takes time, persistence and some skilful guidance. Following our 10 step system will ensure you have all the appropriate ingredients!

  • Tell a story Use your brochure to tell a compelling story. Whether it’s about your business or a case study of a previous client, selling a story is easier than selling a product.
  • Grab their attention! Think about your cover page. If it looks dull, people will assume it IS dull, and worse, they will assume what you do is dull.
  • Content Plan your written content carefully. To sell a product effectively, your written copy shouldn’t be about you, it should always be about the customer. Forget the product and focus on how the product benefits the customers.
  • Make it recognisable Sell your brand. Creating continuity across your marketing campaign is crucial. Ensure your logos, artwork, colours and themes remain the same – it creates brand awareness and helps people associate your business with your marketing material.
  • Think about audience Who is your ideal customer? If in doubt, direct your brochure towards them. Don’t be too specific though, you may eliminate other potential customers.
  • Space and layout Make it as simple as possible for your readers. Summarise your points effectively in bullet points/lists and use insightful, intriguing headings and subheadings.
  • Picture this They say a picture paints a thousands and ultimately, the images are what will immediately draw eyes to the pages in your brochure. Choosing engaging pictures will create an impression of your business and the effects of your work, so make sure they’re positive and relevant!

 Direct your readers!

  • Giving potential clients a call to action gives your printed material a specific purpose. It’s all very well and good telling them a story and showing them the benefits of your product but if they don’t know how to go about getting it, they may just let I bypass them.
  • Give something back Giving voucher codes, or discounts is always a winner. It also helps you track the success rate of your printed material.
  • Quality speaks volumes Your printed material may be some people’s first impression of your business, so make it a good one. If your brochure is cheap and flimsy, potential clients will assume your business is too. Quality reflects on you, make sure you create a thoroughly professional impression.

For more advice and for all your professional, affordable brochure printing in Leicester and beyond, call Flexpress today on 0116 267 6269.



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