8 tips for successful brochure printing

An effective brochure gives a potential customers more information about your business and your product.

Print is a traceable, cost-effective marketing method, and it’s more eco-friendly than you might think. Getting it right is like perfecting a great recipe – it takes time, persistence and some skilful guidance. Make sure you remember these 8 things to ensure you have all the appropriate ingredients!

Successful Brochure Printing

  1. Who’s your booklet for? Design your sales information booklet around your ideal customers.
  2. What’s the purpose of booklet printing for your company? Are you trying to sell a specific brand/product/service or give more information about the whole range of products/services you offer? Whatever it is, focus on your purpose and stick to it – don’t try and get too much in, be concise and specific.
  3. Keep all booklet printing branding consistent across your marketing campaign. Use logos, artwork, colours, themes and fonts the same across your website, commercial signs/vehicle wraps, your printed marketing material and your social media channels. This creates brand awareness and makes your company recognisable.
  4. Use images to illustrate your product/service. This helps to break up pages and pages of text and can often give potential customers a better idea of what you do. Company portraits and team photos can also create reputability and gives the business a face.
  5. The Quality of print will create the right first impression – have a good quality booklet printed instead of a cheap and low quality one as your booklet. This could be the first impression that people get of your business and if it isn’t impressive then the chances are that the reader will favour a competitor instead.
  6. Give something back – everyone likes discounted products. Why not include discount vouchers in your booklet to entice more people to your products.
  7. Call to action – Make sure you guide your viewers through the booklet and through any stages they have to go through to acquire your product. Its fine to have a smooth flowing information booklet however if your potential clients don’t know how to go about getting the product, they may go elsewhere.
  8. Spell check – one of the things which can cause the most embarrassment is spelling errors. Make sure you don’t get caught with a misspelt booklet, this could have a negative effect on your business as viewers may see it as unprofessional.

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