Printing metallic finishes onto your business cards

Get a metallic finish to your business cards with Hot Foiling

Flexpress are proud to announce a new in-house service: Hot foiling.

Hot foiling gives your printed product a perception of quality like nothing else can. And it’s not just available in Gold and Silver! In fact Foils come in a variety of both metallic and non-metallic colours including a clear foil which, for smaller areas can often be a cost-effective alternative to spot UV.

For foiling, Flexpress will supply a foiling die which is usually made of copper. This is a one-off cost as the die can be re-used. The price varies according to the size required but a typical foiling area would usually cost around £40 for the die.

Setting up the machine involves changing the foil and setting the feed. Positioning the die in precisely the right place and setting up the machine to feed the material to be foiled. Typically, this costs another £40. A typical run of 1000 sheets


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