9 ways to do more of what matters at work

To achieve the most we can, it’s essential we manage our time well. Here we list a few ways we can get the best of the hours available to us at work.

1.Understand your roles

Unless you clearly understand what it is you are supposed to be doing, it’s extremely difficult  to use your time in a productive and worthwhile way. Clarify what  you  should  be  doing  before  you start or you’ll drift along aimlessly.

2.Know your goals

Do you know what it is you’re aiming at? It’s impossible to feel a sense of achievement  if you  can’t recognise  the end when you get there. Set clear goals for the day ahead.

3.Start well

The first 30 minutes  of the day sets the tone  for  the  hours  that  follow.  Use this time productively and you’ll be fired up to continue achieving for the rest of the day. Waste this time and you’ll underachieve all day.

4.Get organised

No one can work effectively with a messy desk or office and even if you think you can, have consideration for those who have to pick up your role when you’re not there. You should work towards having an organised workspace with  everything in its place.

5. Work to limits

A ‘To Do’ list is great for keeping track of what you need to do but the temptation to just keep adding everything that pops up that day to it can leave you feeling  like you’re running round in circles. Try keeping 2 lists one for things that need to be done today and one for things that can be done on another occasion.

6. Commit to the high pay off activities

Good time management in the workplace means   applying   the   80-20 principle whenever possible. Avoid the temptation to  concentrate   on  the  tasks  you  like rather than the ones with the highest pay off   and   don’t   allow   yourself   to   be
sidetracked  by  saying ‘yes’  to  every demand on your time.

7. Think ‘little and often’

A full tray or inbox can be daunting and leave you tempted  to  focus  on the  top few items but what happens to the rest? Inevitably, they get left. To avoid this, systemise your workload to ensure everything gets done.   If you have an ongoing project work on it a little  every day and it won’t keep getting put off

8 Use Stephen Covey’s Time Quadrant

9.End Well

End the day by planning what needs doing  the  next  day. That  way  you  can start  your  first  30 minutes  achieving something and set the tone for the rest of the next day!


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