8 Advantages of LED UV Litho Printing

LED UV Printing is now available at Flexpress. Here are the main advantages:

1. The printed inks are dried instantly by light meaning sheets can be printed on the reverse or moved to the finishing department faster. This, in turn, means faster deadlines.

2. Because the ink is dried before it soaks into the sheet, the print quality is sharper and colours look more vivid.

3. Ink set off (ink transferring from one sheet to another; especially when guillotined) is eliminated.

4. As there is no requirement to apply any sealing coat, papers retain their original characteristics.

5. LED UV printing requires no anti-set off powder spray which creates dust that causes print blemishes and marking.

6. The removal of anti-set off powder spray and sealing coats means that when sheets are laminated, the laminate adheres better to the sheet.

7. A cleaner environment and machine means less maintenance and downtime resulting in lower prices.

8. Because the inks are dried instantly, No CFCs  are released making LED UV printing one of the most environmentally friendly methods of printing.

Flexpress are one of only a handful of printing companies in the country to use this exciting technology.



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