10 things you need to do with your business cards:

As Leicester’s largest business card printer, Flexpress LTD understand that having business cards is a worthwhile method of marketing your company and exchanging details with potential clients in an effective, professional manner.

A good business card acts as an ice breaker; facilitating conversation and increasing referrals. However, if you don’t get them right, it really is not worth doing at all. At Flexpress LTD we pride ourselves on being Leicester’s highest quality business card printers. Here are our top ten tips for efficient, professional business cards;

1)Logo – Creating brand awareness through your business cards is essential. The use of your company logo will help with this as it will make potential clients aware of you and what you do. And you know what they say, a picture says a thousand words.

2)Easy reader – Don’t make it hard work! Too many words, jumbled together makes for a difficult read. If potential clients have to search for details, they won’t bother looking.

3)Link – If you also promote your business on social media platforms such as Facebook/Twitter, make sure you let people know. There isn’t any point having them if people don’t know about them!

4)Colour Scheme – Creating a sense of consistency throughout your marketing campaign is crucial to ensure brand awareness and recognition. Your website and social media platforms will be branded with a colour scheme so make sure this also continues with your print marketing as well.

5)Laminate – Nobody ever keeps the flimsy bits of paper found in wallets, pockets or in the bottom of handbags. Don’t get your business card confused for scrap paper or an old receipt! Double sided lamination (matt or glossy) ensures durability, even when wet.

6)Details – If potential clients don’t have various ways of contacting you as a result of your business cards, there is very little point in having them. It may sound obvious but be sure to include all the basics; website address, two contact numbers and an email address at the very least.

7)Services/Product – Give potential clients information on the products or services your company offers. Keep it easy to read and concise. Bullet points or list formats help.

8)Incentives – Giving potential clients incentives on business cards gives them a full proof reason to keep hold of it! Anything can act as an incentive, from money off vouchers to a loyalty card on the reverse. Everyone likes the idea of something for nothing.

9)Perfect Fit – If your business cards are bigger than credit card size, the chances are, you won’t make it into anyone’s wallet. On the flip side, if they are too small, they will get lost amongst others.

10)Be Creative – If a business card looks dull and drab, they won’t attract attention or encourage business. Experimenting with colours, shapes, designs, textures and embossed details creates an eye catching card and gives the impression of a strong corporate personality.

For exceptional quality business card printing in Leicester; custom made to suit all your company requirements and maximise your professional approach, contact one of the Flexpress team today on 0116 2676269.
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